Google will limit data sharing on Android devices

Google will limit data sharing on Android devices

Google announced on Wednesday (16) that it intends to limit the sharing of data with third parties in advertisements on its Android operating system, a sensitive issue related to user privacy already modified by its competitor Apple on iPhones.

Tech giants are under increasing pressure to balance privacy and targeted advertising, following complaints from users and threats from regulators to impose stricter rules.

Companies, however, are trying to keep access to data, crucial to their billion-dollar advertising revenues.

Apple and Google operating software run on most smartphones in the world. Therefore, any changes made to your policies could affect billions of users.

“Our goal… is to develop effective, privacy-enhancing advertising solutions so users know their information is protected and developers and businesses have the tools to succeed on mobile,” Google said in a statement. an announcement.

Last year, Apple announced that users of its roughly 1 billion iPhones in circulation can choose whether to allow their online activities to be tracked for ad targeting purposes. The group claims this is proof of its concern for privacy, while its critics say the company may still continue to do this screening.

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