The utilization of the application brings a “revolution” in the health sector “Apple Vision Pro” in realization surgeriesas implemented by a medical team at Cromwell Hospital in London.

The doctors had as an aid the $3,500 worth of Apple gadgets; during two spinal surgeries.

As they estimate, it is a tool “game changer”thus strengthening Apple’s claims that this device has prospects in the future, to be used by doctors…

In that case, the Vision Pro was not worn by the surgeons themselves, but by a nurse, during surgical preparations and during the procedures.

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Vision Pro was used to view virtual screens inside the operating room to select tools and monitor surgical progress.

The software used by Cromwell Hospital was developed by eXeXa company that builds artificial intelligence-based apps for surgeons.

“Partnering with eXeX to use Apple Vision Pro has made a huge difference in the way we provide care to our patients. It is a real privilege to be the first team in the UK and Europe to use this software in surgery and I look forward to seeing how this technology progresses and the impact it can have on hospitals.”said Syed Aftab, one of Cromwell’s surgeons who used the device.

For decades, medical institutions and developers have taken advantage of Apple’s innovative products to help achieve better outcomes for patientsto the greatest cost savings, in expanding research opportunities and improving efficiency.

From using the iPad to reduce costs and length of stay in the ICUso that newborns can be at home with their families as soon as possible, to the iPhone that helps nurses respond faster by receiving alerts that help them administer medications more accurately, the medical community is constantly evolving.

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