Barbados: The government wants to establish a … virtual embassy in the post-universe |

Barbados: The government wants to establish a … virtual embassy in the post-universe |

The government of Barbados wants to establish an embassy in the … post-universe, this parallel, virtual world that is often described as the future of the Internet and where Facebook’s new plans are focused.

The Caribbean island nation’s foreign ministry has announced that it is partnering with Decentraland, a virtual reality platform that allows users to purchase digital objects with cryptocurrencies.

“The embassy in the post-universe is a testament to the pioneering spirit of the Barbados so that international relations and diplomacy can move into the age of technology,” said Gabriel Abed, the Barbados ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and a former businessman in the field.

The government of Barbados, a country of 300,000, has made it clear that it will maintain its regular embassies around the world.

Exactly how this embassy will function in the post-universe has not been clarified. At present, the government says it will provide online consular services and have a “teleportation” portal through which users can travel to all virtual universes.

“It’s like having a new website, only it will be 3D and accessible thanks to a virtual reality helmet,” said Rabidra Ratan, a professor of media science and information at the University of Michigan.

The operation of the embassy, ​​however, raises many questions. “It is hard to imagine that someone seeking asylum from a hostile government would seek refuge in a fictitious embassy or consulate,” said Will Gotzegen, a member of the cryptocurrency site Coindesk.


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