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Marketing Greece puts the international trend of digital nomads at the center of its actions, as it announces in today’s announcement. Specifically, through the Work From Greece initiative, which is implemented in collaboration with the major sponsor Cosmote and the Sponsors Aegean and Eurobank and is under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Digital Government, invites the public to turn office life into an experience. of life.

With the favorable climate, the way of life, the authentic experiences and the gastronomy being comparative advantages of Greece, Work From Greece highlights the uniqueness and uniqueness of Greece as a destination ideal for Digital Nomads that fully meets the requirements, while at the same time it attracts their interest and facilitates their search for useful information, as pointed out in a relevant announcement.

In particular, with the vehicle of the digital platform, the initiative addresses an open invitation to the international community of Digital Nomads and communicates with them:

-Providing useful and helpful information that answers their main questions about living and living in Greece

Encouraging them to imagine their professional daily life in Greece through inspirational travel content

Inviting them to come in direct contact with the Communities that have been created in various destinations in Greece

-Feeding them with testimonials (testimonies) from Digital Nomads who have experienced or are experiencing the experience of working from Greece

-Strengthening the concept of community, through the use of the dynamics of Social Media (social networks) and the creation of dedicated (exclusive) digital channels with a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

At the same time, in order to enhance communication and the dissemination of creative messages, has free content for digital use through the Content Kit (database). A series of videos, Your office view | Your open-space office | Your conference room | Your after-work drinks, which parallels popular working conditions with images and shots from the urban and island environment of the country, and seeks to identify office life with the daily moments and vivid emotions that Greece evokes in its residents and visitors .

“Digital Nomads is a dynamic and rising audience that will continue to grow, even when the environment stabilizes. The emerging opportunity for Greece can be a powerful vehicle of interest and clearly requires a collective effort to achieve it.” , said among others Ioanna Dretta, CEO of Marketing Greece.


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