Digital transformation: This is the “new face” of e-EFKA |


The new “digital face” of e-EFKA was presented today at the online seminar organized by the ISSA European Network (IEN), on the subject of the digital transformation of the social security institutions of countries that are members of the International Social Security Union in Europe.

As stated in an announcement of e-EFKA, “the goal is for every citizen to be able to enjoy a high level of service and to feel the state and its Public ally. For the first time, Greece participated in this important event with a speaker the First Deputy Commander of e-EFKA, Dr. Alexandros Varveris.

Representatives of social security institutions were given the opportunity to exchange practices, experiences, expertise and services followed to define and implement digital strategies and social policy around the world. Today, e-EFKA is closer to the 8,081,000 insured and 2,932,000 retirees who see day by day their transactions with the institution to be carried out faster, more efficiently and in many cases with a few “clicks” by the their computer “.

According to the announcement, the dynamic course of the digital transition to e-EFKA, which was accelerated due to the need for remote service, due to the protection of citizens from the pandemic, is implemented through a series of actions, which are the following:

«1. Online services to citizens

With 50 new online services, which have been created and are available through the web, of which 15 are also available through the Citizen Service Center (KEP), but also through myEFKALive (citizens’ teleconferencing services), the traders are directly served by any location, without physical presence, waiting and inconvenience.

2. Call center operation (1555)

The new 1555 Citizens’ Call Center offers immediate, valid and friendly service to citizens, who can call free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a minimum waiting time, receiving personalized and personalized information .

3. Interconnection and interoperability with information systems of other public sector bodies

This interconnection has as a direct result the valid, direct and up-to-date provision of information between public sector bodies, while at the same time the minimization of the requirement of the citizens to provide supporting documents is achieved.

4. Electronic exchange of social security information (EESSI)

Connecting around 5,000 social security institutions electronically in the 27 EU Member States, including Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, speeds up and simplifies the secure exchange of information between social security institutions.

5. Upgrading of existing infrastructure

Both the replacement of the old technological infrastructure with state-of-the-art computers and the upgrading of the networks now provide the best digital experience to the citizens.

6. Development of systems and applications, digitization services, provision of electronic services to support the immediate award of pensions to all insured of e-EFKA

With the reduction of bureaucracy and the labyrinthine institutional framework, as well as handwritten procedures, editing will become a short process for the citizen.

7. Maturation of IT projects for submission of funding proposal through co-financed programs

The digitization of the insurance history of e-EFKA, the central files of insurance companies merged into the institution, but also the scanning, identification / registration and placement of insurance history data, will contribute to the rapid award of pensions and any other insurance claim.

E-EFKA, fulfilling its social role, will ensure its transition to a new social security page, able to meet the challenges of the digital age, strengthen the competitiveness of the European market and the well-being of its citizens.

“In the new era of the institution, ‘digital capabilities’ are evolving into ‘digital capabilities’, building a different culture alongside digital reality,” the statement said.


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