First solar eclipse of 2022 takes place this Saturday (30)


The first solar eclipse of the year takes place this Saturday (30th). In Brazil, it will be possible to see the phenomenon only in the extreme south of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, around 5:40 pm.

“Technically, it will be possible to observe it in Brazil in the late afternoon, in the extreme of Rio Grande do Sul, very close to the border with Uruguay. But, in practice, it will only be a ‘bite’ in the sun, imperceptible if you is not aware of what is happening”, says Cássio Barbosa, an astrophysicist at Centro Universitário FEI.

Josina Nascimento, astronomer at the National Observatory/NCTI, explains that it is only in the extreme south of South America that the phenomenon will be more visible, covering 40% to 54% of the sun.

“The further north, the smaller the ‘bite’ will be. So here, as the sun will be very low and night will be coming, the shadow will be almost zero, it should not cover even 20% of the sun, being practically invisible”, he says. Josina.

Interested parties will be able to follow the eclipse from 3 pm in a live that will be held by the National Observatory on its Youtube channel with the participation of the astronomer.

“Let’s get one or two channels from international observatories that are broadcasting the eclipse. I will broadcast and comment throughout the period”, says Josina.

The next solar eclipse will take place in October, but it will also be partial. According to experts, it will be more visible to countries located in the northern region of the globe.

Lunar eclipse

If few Brazilians will be able to follow the solar eclipse that takes place this Saturday (30), the scenario will be very different in the lunar eclipse that will take place from the 15th to the 16th of May.

According to the astronomer from the National Observatory, Brazilians will be able to follow all phases of the phenomenon.

“It will be seen from all over Brazil, from north to south, and totally, that is, we will see all the phases of the eclipse very easily because the moon will be very high”, Josina.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth is positioned between the Sun and the Moon. In a solar eclipse, the Moon is the one who is positioned in front of the Sun casting its shadow on the Earth.

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