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“Serial” the delivery of German weapons to Ukraine – Political reactions


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The German government is long overdue and hesitant to surrender heavy armamentwhich has been promised in Ukraine. This is essentially being blamed on Olaf Solz by Marie Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, head of the German parliament’s Liberal Parliament’s Defense Committee, speaking to RTL. “It bothers me that it could have started weeks ago. “This is the bitterest thing in the world,” she said, adding that handing over heavy weapons was a time-consuming and complicated process.
A report by the Süddeutsche Zeitung wants the ruling Social Democrats’ parliamentary group to be unhappy with Strack-Zimmermann’s criticism, arguing that such statements essentially align themselves with the opposition, damaging the government’s reputation.

However, the official opposition is also intensifying the pressure. “As early as February 28, the German military industry had made it clear that it could deliver 100 Leopards and 100 Marders very quickly. “No order has been delivered to date,” said Roderick Kiseveter, the Christian Democrats’ foreign policy chief. The party’s president, Friedrich Mertz, also criticizes Chancellor Soltz for his oligarchy over the issue of arms shipments to Ukraine.

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The Bundeswehr Special Fund before the holidays?

At the same time, the ruling parties appear to be well on their way to reaching an agreement with the Christian Democrats / Christian Socialists on the approval of the € 100 billion Special Fund for the German Army.

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Secretary of Defense Christine Lambrecht of the Social Democrats expressed her optimism for constructive discussions and finally an agreement on the Special Fund even before the summer holidays. “in order to equip the Bundeswehr, just as it urgently needs it,” the defense minister told ZDF’s Morgenmagazin.

Regarding the discussion that has arisen for the revision of the German Constitution of 1949 in order to constitutionally institute such a “military” fund of enormous dimensions, the head of the K.O. Social Democrat Rolf Mutsenich told FAZ that if there was a stalemate in the German parliament, there was another legal way. “In the event of an emergency in Germany, Article 115 of the Constitution provides for the assumption of debts by a simple majority,” he notes.

DW – Dimitra Kyranoudi, Berlin

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