Ukraine: Severodonetsk is “largely” controlled by the Russians


At the same time, the neighboring city of Lisichansk was the target of “heavy and chaotic” bombing.

The city Severonetskin eastern Ukraine, where fierce fighting is taking place between Russian and Ukrainian forces, has “largely” come under Moscow control while in neighboring Lisichansk the damage is “huge”, the Luhansk governor said tonight.

The Russian forces “They control much of Sheverodonetsk. The industrial zone is still ours, there are no Russians there. “The fighting is taking place only on the streets inside the city,” Serhi Gaidai said via Telegram.

Gaidai assured that there is no possibility of encircling the Ukrainian forces fighting in Luhansk. As he stated, the Russians control “temporarily” 90% of the area.

“The Russians are shooting everything, destroy all the houses of Sheverodonetsk, with chariots, with artillery. “They are also attacking the industrial zone, but our boys are resisting on the streets.”

Lisichansk is fully controlled by the Ukrainian army but has been the target of “heavy and chaotic” bombing. The Russians are “deliberately” targeting hospitals and humanitarian aid distribution centers. he added. “They are firing with large-caliber weapons, the damage is enormous,” Gaidai said.

Earlier, the governor acknowledged that Ukrainian forces “may have to withdraw” from Severodonetsk soon and move to better-fortified positions.

Sheverodonetsk is the largest urban area of ​​the Luhansk region still in Ukrainian hands.

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