Mônica Bergamo: Macron gives France’s highest honor to Randolfe, leader of opposition to Bolsonaro

Mônica Bergamo: Macron gives France’s highest honor to Randolfe, leader of opposition to Bolsonaro

Eight days after receiving Lula (PT) at the Eliseu Palace, in Paris, with the honors of head of State, the French president, Emmannuel Macron, set the date for the delivery of the country’s highest honor to senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP).

The Légion d’honneur, the highest distinction in France and one of the most famous decorations in the world​, will be presented to Randolfe on December 6th. The ceremony, traditionally held in Paris, will take place at the French embassy in Brasília, because of the pandemic.

The senator is Covid’s vice president of the CPI and one of the biggest opponents of the Jair Bolsonaro government. He is the only Brazilian and the only politician who will be honored this year.

The French government claims that the award is in recognition of the parliamentarian’s role in confronting Covid-19 in Brazil —Randolfe was the vice president of Covid’s CPI— and for his “fervent defense” of the environment and the Paris Agreement, “as illustrated by his strong commitment to the struggle for the preservation of reserves in the Amazon” and his “relentless dedication to the development of the neighboring regions of Amapá and French Guiana.”

Since 1804, the honor has been awarded to former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso, José Sarney and Juscelino Kubitschek, writer Paulo Coelho, Dom Pedro 2º and Marechal Rondon, among other Brazilian personalities.

The date of the ceremony for the awarding of the decoration to Randolfe is set in the same week that Bolsonaro calls the meeting between Lula and Macron a “provocation”, saying that the PT and the French president “speak the same language”.

“Macron was always against us, and he always hit us on the Amazon issue. As if he had preserved something, he and his predecessors had preserved something in France. It seems a provocation, yes,” said Bolsonaro, in interview with Sociedade da Bahia radio this morning.

“France is not an example for us, much less your Macron. Your Macron is very well accompanied by Lula, and Lula, very well accompanied by your Macron. They understand each other, speak the same language.”



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