Chelsea Henry, 18, played dead after being told she should probably go home (Photo: Cavendish)

A teenager escaped from jail after being attacked by a drunk police officer.

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Eighteen-year-old Chelsea Henry fell to the ground, closed her eyes, and lay down as the computer tried to pick her up.

He was out for a walk with his family in Warrington, Cheshire on May 29. They told her that she should probably go home and sleep.

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But then he put the point of the computer on his chest and behind the truck. There he exploded and was transferred to the cell as a precaution.

He was said to face up to 12 months in prison for assaulting an ambulance worker, but was ordered to pay a fine and costs of 9,259 in return.

Justice of the Peace Catherine Whitaker said: Of course, I don’t think it’s good night.

Chelsea Henry is a teenage girl who died and was playing in the streets after a stupid drunk fell while the police were arguing with her family on a wild night out.  Disclaimer: Cavendish Press (Manchester) Ltd makes every effort to establish the copyright and reliability of all images provided, but we are not responsible for any legal action for damage or loss caused by the use of the images. provided.  Post images only at your discretion.  Please see for full terms and conditions.

He escaped from prison and was fined in return (Photo: Cavendish).

“Emergency workers must be protected on the job and should not be expected to be attacked on the job. There is no compensation, but with this in mind, I hope they never meet again.”

Prosecutor Alex Morgan said:

“Then he walked up to PC Pringle and hit his car. He wasn’t injured, so he fell to the ground. He closed his eyes and stayed on the ground, but he was still breathing. He kept going.”

“PC Brown tried to provoke him, but the defendant only got up when he was informed that he would be arrested.”

Shortly afterward, the court heard that PC Pringle had told Henry to leave the area, but he put his hands to his chest.

He states: “PC Pringle took the defendant to the flat and arrested him for assaulting the police.

“While he was trying to get behind the police car, he tried to get rid of him while he was stopped and placed behind the police car.