“Bell” for a global famine crisis due to the war in Ukraine


A World Food Program official is urging the G7 to take action.

The Group of Seven (G7) rich countries should step up humanitarian aid to help address a famine crisis in the world aggravated by war in Ukrainesaid today a high-ranking official World Food Program (WFP) of the UN in Germany.

A three-day G7 summit begins tomorrow, Sunday, in Bavaria, Germany, and the UN recently warned that the world is facing “an unprecedented famine crisis” as commodity prices soar.

“Hunger can destabilize countries and is therefore an important issue for peace and security.” said the director in Germany of the UN World Food Program Martin Frick in the German news network RND, noting that current food price inflation of more than 25% in 36 countries is a “time bomb”.

Frick also reiterated that WFP is unlikely to receive more than half the amount $ 21.5 billion that is needed this year and that therefore needs more help.

Food security is expected to be one of the topics to be discussed by G7 leaders during their summit in Germany, following the introduction by its presidency in May of a Global Food Security Alliance to tackle hunger.

“It must be commonly understood that this crisis can no longer be resolved with patches, but that the system must change.” noted Frick.

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