A building near the house of an employee of the Greek Embassy in Kyiv was hit – Everyone is fine


All the employees of the Embassy are in good health.

Building near her employee’s house of the Greek embassy hit during the morning rocket attack on Kyiv, Ukraine.

According to sources in the Ministry of Interior, all the employees of the Embassy are in good health.

The timeline of the rocket attack

The Russian missile attack in the center of Kiev hit a residential complex in the Shevchenkivsky area, according to Ukrainian authorities.

THE Mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitali Klitschko “Russia’s attacks are being carried out” to intimidate Ukrainians (…) as the NATO summit approaches, “Klitschko told reporters at a news conference a few days before the summit. Atlantic Alliance summit on 28 and 30 in Madrid.

Coleba in the G7: More weapons for Ukraine – New sanctions for Russia

More weapons and new sanctions at the expense of Russia, he asked G7 team The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Nmitro Kuleba after the new ones Moscow rocket attacks on Kyiv resulting in at least one injury five people.

Kuleba even referred to the 7-year-old girl that the rescuers managed to pull out of the nine-storey building that was hit in the Ukrainian capital.

“This 7-year-old child was sleeping peacefully in Kyiv until a Russian Cruise missile blew up her house. Many more across Ukraine are being hit. “The G7 summit should respond with more sanctions on Russia and more heavy weapons for Ukraine.” says Kuleba in a Twitter message.

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