Some 40 ministers and aides have left since Tuesday night (Image: PA/Reuters/AFP)

Boris Johnson suffered more resignations than any prime minister in history after the Chris Pincher scandal led to a brutal massive spill compared to “rats fleeing sunken ships”.

Since Tuesday night, some 40 ministers and advisers have left, including two ministers, 15 ministers, 17 parliamentary secretaries, three trade representatives and a vice president.

The Internet has turned to humor to ease some of the tensions surrounding the “slow collapse” of government.

But for Johnson, it’s not a laugh. Johnson’s first list also includes the only prime minister who broke the law.

Since Boris Johnson took office as prime minister, more ministers have resigned in one day than their predecessors, David Cameron and Gordon Brown, according to government laboratories.

In almost three years of Gordon Brown’s mandate, 13 ministers have resigned. This is the same number Cameron was in charge of for six years.

The collapse of the government began with the sensational resignation of Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister and Sajid Javid as Minister of Health.

Christopher Pincher’s controversy was the straw that broke the camel’s back for an ally who was by his side during his party and other scandals.

Who has left the government so far?

  • Sajid Javid-Minister of Health
  • Rishi Sunak-Prime Minister
  • Will Quince-Minister for Children and Families
  • Alex Tsartsi-Legal Officer
  • BimAfolami-Vice President of the Tories
  • Laura Trott-PPS to the Ministry of Transportation
  • Andrew Murrison-Moroccan Trade Ambassador
  • Jonathan Garris-PPS to Northern Ireland Secretary
  • Saqib Bhatti-PPS to the Minister of Health
  • Nicola Richards-Ministry of Transport PPS
  • Virginia Crosby-Wales Office PPS
  • Theo Clark-Kenyan Trade Ambassador
  • Minister Robin Walker-School
  • John Glenn-Secretary of the Treasury
  • Felicity Bakan-PPS Business Sector
  • Victoria Atkins-Minister for Prisons
  • Jo Churchill-Minister for Health
  • Stewart Andrews-Minister for Housing
  • Claire Coutinho-Ministry of Finance PPS
  • Serene Saxby-PPS to Treasury
  • David Johnston-Ministry of Education PPS
  • Chemi Badenoch-Minister for Equality and Local Government
  • Julia Lopez-Minister of Media, Data and Digital Infrastructure
  • Lee Laurie-Minister for Industry
  • Neil O’Brien-Minister for Leveling
  • Alex Burghardt-Minister for Skills
  • Maims Davis, Minister for Employment
  • Duncan Baker-Upgrade, Housing and Community Sector PPS
  • Craig Williams-Ministry of Finance PPS
  • Rachel Maclean-Home Secretary
  • MarkLogan-PPS Northern Ireland Office
  • Mike Freer-Minister for Exports and Equality
  • Mark Fletcher-PPS Business Division
  • Saraburi Tocliffe-PPS to the Ministry of Education
  • Ruth Edwards-PPS, Office of the Secretary for Scotland
  • Peter Gibson-International Trade Department PPS

Pincher resigned as floor leader last week after he allegedly attacked two men while drunk at London’s Carlton Club.

Number 10 initially stated that the prime minister had no prior knowledge of concerns about his actions, but a former official said in a statement that the prime minister had been briefed on Mr Pincher’s investigation in 2019. I disputed the line.

The government later admitted that Boris Johnson had been directly informed of the allegations, but said he had forgotten about them.

The humiliating apology did not prevent the departure of two potential leadership rivals, Sunak and Javid. Both wrote an acrimonious resignation.

Today, 14 deputy ministers chased them out in the open. Five of them resigned in one fell swoop.

Undated distribution of photos of 35 deputies who have resigned from the government in the last 24 hours for the leadership of Boris Johnson.  (Front row from left to right) Sajid Javid, Rishi Sunak, Nicola Richards, Alex Chalk, Virginia Crosby, Bim Aforami, Claire Coutinho.  (Second row from left to right) Laura Kenny, Jonathan Garris, Will Quince, Theo Clark, John Glenn, Robin Walker, Stuart Andrews.  (3rd row L to R) Victoria Atkins, Felicity Bakan, Sakib Bart, Joe Churchill, David Johnston, Andrew Murrison, Celine Saxby.  (fourth column from left to right) Lee Rowley, Julia Lopez, Cammy Badenock, Alex Burghart, Mim's Davis, Neil O'Brien, Duncan Baker (fifth column from left to right) Sarah Britocliffe, Ruth -Edwards, Mark Fletcher, Peter Gibson , Mark Logan, Rachel McLean, Craig Williams.  Release Date: Wednesday July 6, 2022 PA Photo.  Boris Johnson is staying on to try to save the prime minister after several cabinet resignations and some government resignations threatened him with 10th place.  It came because the prime minister was forced into a humiliating apology to end the internal conflict of former deputy prime minister Chris Pincher, who was hit by a scandal.  See PA Story POLITICS Johnson.  The caption looks like this: Note to British Parliament/PA Tax Editor: The photos in this distribution may only be used for editorial reporting purposes to explain the events, objects, people or facts contained in the images.  Reuse of images may require additional permission from the copyright owner.

Boris Johnson has experienced more resignations in one day than any other prime minister in history (Image: PA)

Cammy Badenock, Neil O’Brien, Alex Burghart, Lee Rowley and Julia Lopez signed a joint letter asking them to resign, saying they no longer trust the prime minister.

Employment Minister Maims Davis, Defense Minister Rachel Maclean and Equality Minister Mike Freer announced their resignations shortly after.

For resignation:

  • Queens, a former minister for children and families, said he could not be sent to defend the prime minister with inaccurate reporting of the Chris Pincher controversy on television.
  • Former Attorney General Atkins told Johnson: We have to do better than that. “
  • Churchill resigned as Environment Administrator, “recent events show that honesty, ability and judgment are essential to the role of prime minister, and that a playful and self-serving approach is inevitably limited,” he said.
  • Cammy Badenock, Neil O’Brien, Alex Berghart, Lee Laurie and Julia Lopez signed a joint letter calling for the prime minister’s resignation, saying: “It is clear that the government cannot work given the problems revealed.”
  • In recent months, Mims Davies said: “I am increasingly concerned about the direction of your prime minister, the people around him, the direction of our party and what he supports. He became.”
  • Rachel Maclean said she did not think she could improve the “disastrously low rate” of sex offender prosecutions with the prime minister.
  • Freer resigned as equality minister, complaining that it “would create a hostile climate for LGBT+ people” and added that “I can no longer defend my fundamentally opposed policies.”

Johnson has vowed to fight back, but his administration is likely to end within days.

Boris Johnson’s number of ministers are reportedly set to meet to tell the prime minister that it could be the prime minister’s latest coup.

The group is believed to include Nadim Zahavi, the new prime minister who replaced Rishi Sunak at the helm a few hours ago.

According to the BBC and Sky News, new Education Secretary Michelle Doneran, Education Whip and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and Home Secretary Priti Patel are also involved.

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It is understood that they give an “ultimatum” to Johnson saying “you go or we go”.

Another plan was also made on Wednesday night to expel Johnson from the rebel supporters.

An executive election for the 1922 Tory Backbench Commission will be held on Monday, paving the way for rule changes that could allow for a second vote of no confidence (VONC).

Johnson barely escaped one of them last month and, under current game rules, he doesn’t have to face another until July of next year.

In the last vote, 41.2% of his Conservatives voted against him.

However, some members of parliament who said they voted for the prime minister at the time said they would vote differently if the vote were repeated.

Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May lost the support of fewer members than Boris Johnson in a vote of no confidence in 1990 and 2019, but with less than six months in power.

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