Bomb Destroys Monument Seen as Satanic by Christian Conservatives in US


A rural monument known as America’s Stonehenge was demolished this Wednesday (6) in the city of Elberton, in the United States, after a bomb attack. The structure, also called the Georgia Guidestones, has come to be classified as a satanic work by conservative Christian politicians and movements.

The monument was erected in 1980 under the order of a person with the pseudonym RC Christian. The site, listed as an Elberton Landmark, functioned as a calendar and had messages for humanity’s survival in the event of an apocalyptic event and population control.

Images released by local media showed that one of the monument’s five monoliths collapsed during the explosion, and other blocks were damaged. Later, authorities announced that they had to demolish the entire structure for safety reasons.

Georgia police are investigating the case, but the motives for the attack are still unclear. The government investigation agency released a video showing the moment of the explosion. Shortly before, a car passes close by. Authorities said unidentified individuals detonated an explosive device around 4 am (5 am GMT) on Wednesday. Nobody was hurt.

Bomb squad technicians are looking for clues to the criminals, and a nearby state highway has been closed.

Chris Kubas, vice president of the Elbert Granito association, which manages the site, said surveillance cameras were installed at the site because the monument had already been vandalized several times. He said that the site received thousands of visitors every year and that it became popular with the rise of social media.

In May, during Georgia’s government primaries, then-Republican candidate Kandiss Taylor called the monument satanic and vowed to fight for the structure’s demolition. “God can do anything. That includes taking down the Satanic Guide Stones,” she wrote on social media on Wednesday.

The site is approximately 11 kilometers north of Elberton and approximately 145 kilometers east of the Georgia state capital Atlanta, close to the state border with South Carolina.

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