Genoa: Trial begins for bridge collapse in 2018 and 43 deaths

Genoa: Trial begins for bridge collapse in 2018 and 43 deaths

59 defendants, 178 witnesses and the start of the trial after four years.

It starts today at Genoa the trial for its collapse Morandi Bridge, on August 14, 2018, which caused death 43 people. Multiple negligent homicide, negligent collapse, undermining the safe operation of the transportation system, negligent failure to install safety devices in workplaces, are the main offenses for which the 59 defendants should be held accountable.

There are 178 witnesses expected to testify and the trial begins after four years of investigations and a series of seizures of key evidence by the Italian Economic Police.

According to the prosecutors, the managers of the Italian Motorway Company and Spea, the company that deals with the maintenance of the specific infrastructure, knew that the Moradi viaduct had huge problems – that it was actually in danger of collapsing – but they did not take the necessary initiatives.

At the same time, owners of commercial businesses in the area, who lost a large part of their turnover, as well as owners of properties located near the Morandi Bridge, will ask to be able to go to court in favor of the high compensations. It is possible, however, for this financial parameter, a new, separate trial will be needed.

The bridge that collapsed in Genoa

Due to the large number of witnesses and defendants, the trial that begins today will be held simultaneously in four rooms of the court of Genoa but, as reported by the Italian press, its main phase, with reference to the greatest responsibilities and omissions that led to the collapse of this huge viaduct, expected to start in September.


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