Iran: Warships and submarines carrying drones – Watch video


Tehran Conducts Tests In Indian Ocean As Joe Biden Visits Israel

Iran unveiled today its first naval division consisting of boats and submarines capable of carrying drones, while US President Joe Biden makes his first tour in the Middle East.

Iran has been accused by the United States and Israel of using drones and missiles to attack US forces and vessels associated with Israel in the Gulf in a bid to destabilize the region.

“The first drone naval division of the Iranian Navy has been unveiled, consisting of boats and submarines capable of carrying all types of combat, detection and destruction drones,” state television announced.

“All types of advanced drones and products of the military and the Ministry of Defense flew over the Indian Ocean to demonstrate their capabilities,” according to the same source, who showed images of drones taking off from a PN vessel.

This announcement comes as President Biden made his first visit as president to Israel, a country with which Washington yesterday signed a strategic partnership against Tehran.

Biden also attended a presentation by Israel of the country’s anti-aircraft missile defense capabilities, including a new anti-drone laser response device, the “Iron Beam.”

“Considering the aggressive stance of the dominance system (of the United States and its allies), it is necessary to increase our defense capability day by day,” Iranian army chief Abdolrahim Mousavi said on television at the launch of the new navy division.

“If the enemies make a mistake, (these drones) will confront them,” Mousavi warned.

In October 2021, Washington imposed sanctions targeting Iran’s drone program, which is accused of supplying weapons to its allies in the Middle East, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen and the Palestinian Hamas movement in Gaza.

The White House National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivansaid on Monday that Iran would hand over “hundreds of drones” to Russia as it faces resistance from the Ukrainian military in the eastern part of the country.

But Tehran said on Tuesday that “no significant progress” has been made in technological cooperation between Russia and Iran.

Iran began developing drone programs in the 1980s during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988).


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