For the 9th day, the big fire burns in the Czech Republic – It crossed the border with Germany


Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Germany and Sweden have sent firefighting planes – 900 respond to the blaze

About 900 firefighters are working to extinguish the large forest fire in the national forest of Bohemian Switzerland, as announced by the authorities of Czech Republic.

Five firefighting aircraft, 18 helicopters and 200 tankers are involved in the operation to extinguish the fire, which has been raging for a ninth day. It has now crossed the border of the Czech Republic with Germany, while firefighting aircraft have also been sent by the Slovakia, Poland, Italy, Germany and Sweden.

The fire service of the Czech Republic has classified the forest fire “unprecedented in the history of the country” in terms of extent, topography, number of firefighters and equipment deployed, the strategy followed to extinguish it, as well as the impact on the residents of the surrounding area and visitors to the national park.

Officials say the fire front is largely contained. According to the estimates of the authorities, it is considered “very likely” that the fire was caused by arson.


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