Putin to Erdogan: Kiev uses Turkish drones in Donbas


Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan during a telephone conversation between the two leaders on Friday that Ukraine was using Turkish-made Bayraktar drones in the conflict zone in the Donbass region. behavior, according to a Kremlin statement.

According to a Kremlin statement, “the Russian president has drawn attention to the fact that Kiev is continuing the destructive line, which is intended to undermine the Minsk agreements.”

The statement also noted that this disastrous line is confirmed by the provocative activity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the conflict zone, which includes the use of offensive Bayraktar drones. “It was stressed that Kiev needs to abandon any attempt to use force in Donbas,” the statement said.

The Russian president also briefed his Turkish counterpart on the outcome of a tripartite meeting of the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia on November 26 in Sochi.

On Wednesday, Russian President Dmitry Peshkov’s spokesman had ruled out a telephone conversation between the two leaders on December 3, during which the issue of Ukraine could be discussed. Commenting on Erdogan’s statements that Turkey is ready to mediate in the settlement of relations between Russia and Ukraine, Peshkov had pointed out that this depends on how such mediation will be expressed.

A statement from the Turkish Presidency, quoted by Turkish television network TRT, quoted by Ankara-based TASS news agency as saying that the two leaders discussed the situation in Syria, Libya and Ukraine during a telephone conversation. as well as developments between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as issues related to the improvement of Turkish-Russian relations.

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