Who is the Brazilian arrested for trying to shoot Cristina Kirchner


The suspect in the attack on Argentine vice president Cristina Kirchner on Thursday night (1st) is Brazilian, 35 years old and with a criminal record.

Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel was arrested for apparently trying to fire a pistol at Kirchner as she arrived home in the Recoleta neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

In images captured by TV channels, the former president is greeted by a crowd of supporters getting out of the car as he approaches about a meter away from her with what appears to be a pistol.

The man reportedly ran away after trying to shoot. According to police, five people followed behind him, allowing officers to identify him as the attacker. The pistol was found on the sidewalk.

Sabag Montiel’s passage by the police dates back to March 2021. According to the newspaper Clarín, at the time he was stopped for driving without a license plate in the neighborhood of La Paternal, where he allegedly lived – he told the authorities that she had fallen a few days earlier for cause of an accident.

The agents then asked him to get out of the vehicle. As the car door opened, a 35-centimeter-long knife fell to the floor.

The Brazilian stated that he used the object to defend himself, and was charged with carrying the weapon.

According to business records found by the same newspaper, he would act as an app driver and had a Chevrolet Prisma in his name.

The Minister of Security, Aníbal Fernández, informed that it is now up to the police to proceed with the investigation to assess “the capacity and willingness that this person had”.

The attack on the vice president was repudiated by the opposition coalition, which requested an investigation of the events, and also by the cabinet of ministers. Latin American politicians also expressed their repudiation of the attack.

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