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New blunder by Boris Johnson: He praised the inspirational leadership of … Putin


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“It just proved that some things never change,” commented British media.

An incredible one blunder did the Boris Johnson inside the British Parliament, singing the praises of … Vladimir Putin.

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The UK Prime Minister, until recently, thanked the Russian President for his “inspirational leadership”, while he wanted to praise the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Thanks to the heroism of the Ukrainian armed forces, thanks in part to the armaments that we proudly offered, I congratulate my esteemed friend (James Hippie) for the work of the United States Armed Forces, the armaments that we send, it is a long list,” he said.

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“I also thank, of course, the inspirational leadership of Vladimir Putin,” said Boris Johnson, who quickly corrected his mistake as soon as he realized what he had said.

Listen to the clip at 0:26

“The inspirational leadership of Volodymyr Zelensky. Sorry. Russian forces have recently been pushed back from large areas of the northeastern country around Kharkiv.Johnson said.

“Boris Johnson may no longer lead the country, but he made a strange blunder in the House of Commons and just proved that some things never change”was his mocking comment Indy100.

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