Russia: Explosion of a trapped vehicle caused the fire on the Crimean bridge – Photo – Video

Russia: Explosion of a trapped vehicle caused the fire on the Crimean bridge – Photo – Video

Russia has recently assured that the bridge is safe, despite the war, but at the same time it has threatened Ukraine with retaliation if it tries to destroy it.

The fire on the bridge at Kerch Strait which connects the Crimean peninsula with Russia’s transport and communication network is due in blowing up a trapped vehicle with explosives, Russia’s anti-terrorist commission announced, according to the country’s news agencies, adding that the section of the bridge used by cars had been damaged.

According to a photo from Ukrainian media part of the roadway of the bridge has fallen into the sea:

“At 06:07 (local time and Greek time) on the road section of the Crimean bridge (…) there was an explosion of a vehicle rigged with explosives, which caused a fire in seven carriages of a train headed for Crimea,” the commission said.

Earlier, the Russian authorities spoke of a fire on this huge bridge, in the Kerch Strait, which caused traffic to stop.

“The fuel tank of a train caught fire,” the Crimean Railway Agency said.

The bridge, which was built—at great cost—by his order Vladimir Putin, allows the transfer of Russian military equipment to the forces operating in Ukraine. It was personally inaugurated by President Putin in 2018, four years after Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula.

Both trains and vehicles pass through it and it plays a key role in the transport of people and goods on the peninsula. On the other hand, for Kyiv it is a hated symbol of the annexation of Crimea.

Russia has recently been reassuring that the bridge is safedespite the war, but at the same time he had threatened Ukraine with retaliation if its forces tried to destroy it.

Crimea has seen several explosions in recent months, possibly due to Ukrainian military operations, such as the explosion at an ammunition depot at the Dzhankoy military base in August, which caused widespread destruction.

The Air Force of Ukraine celebrated earlier in a post on Telegram:

“Morning on the Crimean Bridge. Fuel tanks are on fire. Part of the road surface was also destroyed! Everything will be Ukraine!”


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