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LGBTQIA+ marriage becomes legal throughout Mexico after approval in Tamaulipas


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LGBTQIA+ marriage is now legal throughout Mexico. This was because the only one of the 32 states in the country that still did not recognize same-sex marriage, Tamaulipas, passed legislation recognizing the right to homosexuals this Wednesday (26).

“Today is a historic day for the LGBTQIA+ community and for Mexico. Today our families are more visible, more equal and we are a country with more justice”, says activist Enrique Torre Molina. He also celebrated the achievement on Twitter.

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Also this month, three other states, State of Mexico, Tabasco and Guerrero, also legalized gay marriage. The four are now awaiting regulation and the implementation of legislation.

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Recently, Cuba and Chile were two other Latin American countries to pass legislation in the same direction.

In the Caribbean country, approval came in September, through a referendum that also guaranteed other civil rights, such as surrogacy. The Cuban regime supported the changes and campaigned for a “yes” in the popular consultation.

In Chile, the change took place in December last year, when the country’s Congress passed legislation that also allowed same-sex couples to adopt.

In Latin America, in addition to the three countries, same-sex marriage is also legal in Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Uruguay and Brazil, where same-sex civil unions were declared legal by the Federal Supreme Court in 2011 and permitted by law. a resolution by the National Council of Justice two years later.

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