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France is turning to land transport of grain after Moscow’s withdrawal from the agreement


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Efforts to bypass the Black Sea, after Russia withdrew from the deal

France will continue efforts to operate the system which will allow grain to be exported via land routes through Poland and Romania, instead of being transported via the Black Sea, after Russia pulled out of the agreement to export Ukrainian grain by sea.

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“If they cannot be transported through the Black Sea, we are looking at being able to go through land routes (…) particularly looking at land routes through Romania and Poland,” French Agriculture Minister Marc Fenault told RMC radio.

“We will continue efforts through a system that does not throw us into the good mood, or, in our case, the bad mood of Vladimir Putin,” said Mark Fenault.

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On Saturday, Moscow announced it was indefinitely suspending its participation in the UN-sponsored accord, following a Ukrainian drone attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet in Crimea.

Despite the withdrawal of Moscow, Turkey and Ukraine insisted on the implementation of the agreement and agreed on a plan for the passage of 16 ships today.

Russia’s decision will hurt the supply of countries that depend on grain imports. Grain prices rose today in the markets.


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