Mid-term elections in the US: Republican expectations of an easy victory are not confirmed

Mid-term elections in the US: Republican expectations of an easy victory are not confirmed

Democrats seem too die-hard, at least on the evidence so far.

Democrats are proving more resilient than expected in the US midterm elections.

While it will take time to finalize the outcome in both the House and Senate, Democrats have shown surprising momentum in battles that were, at least in theory, considered a cakewalk for Republicans.

After all, Joe Biden is faced with the deep dissatisfaction of Americans with high inflation, but also with the general low appeal he has among the electorate.

Nevertheless, the “red wave”, i.e. the overwhelming predominance of the Republicans, is not reflected in the results so far and the Democrats seem to maintain momentum in key states, such as in Pennsylvania, where the John Fetterman prevailed over Dr. Oza victory that gave Biden a breather.

All eyes are on Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. Republicans need at least two of the three states to take a majority in the Senate.

Even if Democrats win some battles, it looks like Republicans are well on their way to winning the House of Representatives. But the question is with how big a majority.

With any majority, Republicans will be able to shut the door on the Democrats’ legislative agenda and make it very difficult for the Biden administration.

However, if the victory is not a landslide, Republicans will have to show tactical and strategic skill to keep their party together in the big votes.

However, Donald Trump, who is expected to announce that he will run for president in 2024, has seen some of his candidates fail.

Republican Predominance in Florida

However, in Florida, Republican Ron DeSantis, who four years ago beat the Democratic governor in a landslide, was re-elected. After four years of conservative politics on issues such as transgender rights or his stance against pandemic restrictions, he comfortably won re-election.

Ron DeSantis has a strong chance of becoming the first Republican gubernatorial candidate to win in the Hispanic district since Jeb Bush in 2002. He may even do it by double digits, according to the BBC.

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