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SYRIZA: ND and Economou are selling madness


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“They should realize that there is a limit even to self-ridicule,” the announcement reads, among other things

“The ND and Mr. Oikonomou, who are once again ‘selling madness’ and talking about nonsense, should realize that there is a limit even to self-ridicule”, says SYRIZA PS in a statement.

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He also comments that “if they want the President of SYRIZA to deal with yesterday’s divisive delirium of Mr. Mitsotakis, let them convince their leader to stop hiding and appear in the Parliament, as he should, to give answers about the rot of the surveillance system he set up in Maximos”.

The official opposition notes in its announcement that “the newspapers Documento, Efimerida ton Syntaktaki, To Vima, Ta Nea, Dimokratia, Estia, have made shocking revelations about the wiretapping scandal, the way the Maximos Palace brought the Predator in Greece to operate together with the EYP in an area controlled by the government, the protagonists of the case surrounding the mastermind Mr. Mitsotakis and the victims of the surveillance with the malicious software.

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In addition, he emphasizes that “not one of the victims, even the ministers of Mr. Mitsotakis, has disputed that he has been a victim of surveillance with the Predator, while Mr. Georgiadis today admitted it publicly.”

He also states that “not one has dared to appeal against the Documento, nor of course against the Step that fully confirmed the list of monitored politicians, members of the government, ministers, journalists and businessmen”. “And of course”, he adds, “Mr. Oikonomou not only did not deny, but almost confirmed that ministers who were monitored with the Predator are also in official EYP attachments”.

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