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China: Ten people die in a fire in an apartment building in Xinjiang


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According to the New China news agency, the fire broke out last Thursday night, at 19:40 local time (13:50 Greek time).

Ten people have died and nine others have been injured in a fire that broke out in an apartment building in China’s Xinjiang province (northwest), the New China News Agency reports.

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The fire broke out last Thursday night, around 19:40 (local time; 13:50 Greek time), according to the agency.

“Ten people died despite being given first aid,” New China reported. “The injuries of nine other people are not life-threatening,” he added, clarifying that an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire.

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Fatal fires are quite common in China, due to inadequate fire safety regulations and the corruption of officials who are actually responsible for their implementation.

Earlier this week, 38 people died and two others were injured in a factory fire in Anyang, Henan province (central). Authorities attributed the tragedy to improper handling by a worker during electric welding.


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