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Delays end for Trump: Back-to-back defeats on classified documents review


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Three courts ruled, within 24 hours, against the former president of the USA – The way is opened for speeding up the control of classified documents

He suffered three consecutive defeats in the courts Donald Trump, in his attempt to delay or even avoid scrutiny for the possession and transfer of classified documents from the White House, to his private residence in Florida. The former US president is reportedly losing significant ground and efforts to delay it are coming to an end, even as the investigation continues and the evidence is solid.

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The Justice Department won a lawsuit Thursday. The court order clears the way for prosecutors to move more quickly as they investigate possible violations of the Espionage Act and whether Trump or his aides obstructed justice over carelessly stored material he may not be entitled to possess of under the law.

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In another blow to the former president Thursday, a federal judge ordered former Trump-era White House lawyers to provide additional sworn testimony after rejecting Trump’s claims that they relied on attorney or executive privilege. The two lawyers had declined to answer some questions during an earlier appearance before the prosecutor investigating the riot at the US Capitol. Both that case and the matter centered on documents Trump took from the White House are now being overseen by the special counsel Jack Smith.

In another legal front threatening Trump, his former national security adviser Michael Flynn has become the latest associate to be ordered to testify before the Atlanta district attorney. This research looks at Trump’s 2020 effort to reverse his election loss.


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