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Italy: New wave of bad weather sweeps Sicily – Fears of overflowing rivers and streams


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Throughout the night, there were power outages in the wider area of ​​Messina due to the bad weather.

New severe bad weather hit her Sicily of Lower Italy. Heavy rainfall, with flooding across the north-east side of the island, occurred late last night. In the Barcelona Pozzo Di Goto and Milazzo areas, many road connections were disrupted, landslides occurred and single-storey houses were flooded.

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Teams of firefighters and Civil Protection helped residents to get out of the houses and from I.X. cars, while hospital access to many areas was problematic and delayed due to flooded roads.

Throughout the night, in its wider area Messina there were power outages due to bad weather. The whole situation seems to be improving, but the mayors of the “Tyrrhenian Sicily” asked the residents to limit their movements as much as possible, because there is still a fear of overflowing rivers and streams in the area.

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