Arctic cold in Britain: Delays and stranded passengers at Manchester Airport


A severe weather warning of snow and ice is in place for the greater Manchester area until midday on Sunday

Serious delays at his airport Manchester caused the severe wave of bad weather that hits the Britain. According to a report in the British newspaper Mirror, due to the prevailing weather conditions, two runways have been closed, leaving travelers stranded on planes.

According to information, several flights have been diverted and many have been cancelled, while others are suffering from long waits.

A spokesman for the airport told the British newspaper that it had been forced to take drastic measures due to health and safety protocols and that “operations will resume as soon as possible”. Also, a passenger said that earlier, due to weather conditions, the airport remained closed for an hour and a half.

As the publication states, in the greater Manchester area there is a warning for severe weather conditions with snow and ice, which will last until noon on Sunday. However, according to the weather bureau’s tables, heavy snowfall is expected in the area from 11 am. to 2 p.m., with the temperature at 1C.

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