People who have tested positive for the coronavirus from China will not be quarantined in the UK


From next Thursday those wishing to travel from China to the UK will be required to present airlines with a negative Covid test taken within 48 hours of departure

London, Thanasis Gavos

Those traveling to the UK from China and test positive for the coronavirus they will not be required to be placed in home isolationsaid British Transport Secretary Mark Harper.

From next Thursday those who want to travel from China to the UK they will be required to present the airlines with a negative Covid test which will have been made within 48 hours of departure.

Heathrow Airport, where all direct flights from China land, will also conduct free sample tests for passengers.

Asked whether those who test positive should be isolated, Mr. Harper replied negatively: “No, because what we’re doing (with the tests) is collecting information for surveillance purposes.” As he explained, this is due to the lack of official Chinese data on the spread of the coronavirus.

The minister added that even now one in 45 UK residents is a Covid carrier and that the answer is high vaccination coverage, especially of the most vulnerable citizens. “This is our primary line of defense,” he said.

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