Mônica Bergamo: Ballerina creates interactive game for children to learn cultural diversity with immigrant dancers


Ballerina, teacher and physiotherapist Betty Gervitz, creator of the Na Dança festival, joined Lili Mizumoto and Iara Biderman to launch “Tem Criança Na Dança”, an audiovisual project with first and second generation immigrant artists that introduces children to the theme of cultural diversity through dance and music.

The project, which had crowdfunding to be made possible, is an interactive game with a series of playful, artistic and educational videos with immigrant teachers for children from five to seven years old to dance and sing at home.

“For schools and families, it is an opportunity to immerse themselves and move into the cultural diversity of the world. For emigrants, an opportunity to exercise their work and their art”, says Betty.

The short course is given by five first-generation immigrants who reside in the country: Ermi Panzo, from Angola, Ines Queme, from Mozambique, Mohammad Al Jamal, from Lebanon, Franz Mikhail, from Bolivia, and Ricardo Castellanos, from Cuba. Also participating are Nelson Lin, son of Taiwanese immigrants, André Trindade Imamura, grandson of a Japanese woman, and Michael Tupã da Silva, a Guarani indigenous from a tribe in Parelheiros, SP.

The musical vignette is signed by Gabriel Levy.

Each of the project’s eight videos has a testimonial from the participants about their trajectories and the presentation of a dance from their original culture.

To buy access to classes and help participating teachers, just visit this link: https://www.hotmart.com/product/tem-crianca-na-danca/B60688337F. Until Christmas, whoever uses the PANDANOEL coupon has a discount and pays R$96 for the eight classes.

Those who help the project by purchasing the course contribute so that the material can be made available free of charge to NGOs, public schools and community libraries.



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