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North Korea: Pyongyang in lockdown due to ‘respiratory disease’


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The measure appears to be the first city-wide since the country declared victory over Covid-19 in August 2022

North Korea has imposed a five-day lockdown in the capital Pyongyang due to a “respiratory illness”, according to a specialist South Korean website.

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The measure appears to be the first to apply to the entire city after the country declared victory over Covid-19 in August 2022.

Pyongyang residents have been ordered to stay at home from today until Sunday and must have their temperatures taken repeatedly every day, Seoul-based specialist website NK News reported, citing a government document.

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This text does not mention Covid-19, but claims that dysentery is among the new diseases currently spreading in the capital.

Citing sources in Pyongyang, NK News had reported yesterday, Tuesday, that residents of the largest North Korean city appeared to be stocking up in anticipation of a possible lockdown.

It is not known if similar lockdowns are being imposed in other regions, and state media have not announced new measures.

The Korean peninsula is currently experiencing what meteorologists are describing as a Siberian cold wave, with temperatures in Pyongyang dropping to -22 degrees Celsius.

Pyongyang had announced its first case of Covid-19 in May 2022, before declaring victory over the disease three months later.

The World Health Organization has long questioned Pyongyang’s Covid statistics and the country’s claims that the epidemic is under control.

According to expert sources, Pyongyang has not vaccinated its approximately 25 million residents. According to other information, the country has reportedly received vaccines from China.


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