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Munich: A German was arrested on suspicion of spying for Russia


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The man arrested at Munich airport is accused of passing classified information to Russia

German citizen was arrested at Munich Airport as suspected of treason as he is accused of conspiring with a German intelligence officer to pass classified information to Russia.

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As the public prosecutor’s office announced today, the man, who has been identified as Arthur E., was arrested on Sunday upon his arrival in Germany from the US.

The arrest followed an allegation that he was an associate of Carsten L., an employee of Germany’s BND intelligence agency, who was arrested in December on suspicion of spying for Russia.

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Arthur E., who is not a German intelligence officer, is believed to transmit information to the Russian intelligence service, which he had obtained from Carsten L., according to the prosecutor’s statement.

Arrest warrant had already been issued for Arthur E., who was brought before a judge at Germany’s Supreme Criminal Court on Monday and remanded in custody.

The investigation was conducted in close cooperation with the BND and the US FBI.

German authorities have warned of an increased possibility of espionage by Russia, given the Kremlin’s standoff with the West over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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