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European Union: Condemns Israel’s Attacks – ‘Deeply Concerned’ Germany, Russia


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Saudi Arabia also calls on the parties involved to de-escalate

Her concern tof the escalating explosive situation in the Gaza Strip is expressed by the European Union as the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, condemned the attacks carried out by Palestinians yesterday and today while calling on Israel to use lethal force only as a “last resort”.

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“The European Union fully recognizes Israel’s legitimate security concerns, further justified by the latest terrorist attacks, but it must be stressed that lethal force should only be used as a last resort when absolutely unavoidable to protect life.” , Borrell said adding that “the EU is very concerned about the escalation of tensions in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territories. We call on both sides to do everything they can to initiate a de-escalation and restart the security coordination necessary to prevent further acts of violence.”

The head of EU diplomacy pointed out that on Thursday in Jenin “at least nine Palestinians were killed and more than 20 were wounded during an Israeli Defense Forces operation,” which “brings to 30 the number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank since the beginning of the year.”

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“In the past year, more than 150 people have been killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank, including 30 children, the highest number since the end of the second Intifada in 2005,” he said.

In a separate statement, Borrell stressed that the European Union “shocked by the heinous terrorist attack” held on Friday near “a synagogue, as well as from the (Saturday morning) bombing in East Jerusalem.”

“The EU strongly condemns these acts of senseless violence and hatred. These horrific events demonstrate once again the urgent need to reverse this spiral of violence and make meaningful efforts to restart peace negotiations. We call on all parties not to react to provocations.”

At the same time, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz today expressed his “deep concern” after the “terrible” attacks in East Jerusalem, in a message he posted on his Twitter account.

“There have been deaths and injuries in the heart of Israel,” he wrote, referring to the attack that killed seven people a day earlier in front of a synagogue and then the attack this morning that left two wounded.

“My heart goes out to the victims and their families, Germany stands by Israel,” the chancellor added.

Earlier, Tthe German Foreign Ministry had also denounced the “heinous” attack that took place on Friday during International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

“A dialogue and cooperation between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is more necessary than ever to eliminate terrorism,” a ministry spokesman said in a statement.

Russian diplomacy it in turn said it was “deeply concerned” and called on all parties involved to show “maximum restraint” after the attacks in East Jerusalem.

“We are deeply concerned about this turn of events. We call on all parties to show maximum restraint and avoid further escalation of tension,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“The latest events clearly confirm the need to restart a constructive Palestinian-Israeli dialogue and renounce unilateral actions,” the statement said.

According to Moscow, “we can put an end to repeated violence only within the framework of a negotiation process based on the principles of international law,” he adds.

On her part, Saudi Arabia warned of the further escalation of the situation between the Palestinians and the Israelis after the attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, as announced today by the Kingdom’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“The kingdom condemns the targeting of civilians stressing the need to stop the escalation, revive the peace process and end the occupation,” the ministry’s statement added.


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