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Stoltenberg: He asked South Korea to send weapons to Ukraine


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He expressed gratitude for sending non-lethal military aid, but urged the South Korean government to do more, citing the Ukrainian military’s “urgent need” for ammunition

North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg today urged South Korea’s government to scale up military aid to Ukraine, following the example of other states that have changed their policy of not sending weapons to belligerent countries after the invasion. of Russia on Ukrainian territory on February 24, 2022.

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Mr Stoltenberg is making Seoul the first stop on a tour of Asia which will also include a visit to Japan, aimed at strengthening relations with US allies amid the war in Ukraine and escalating tensions with China. .

During a speech at a think tank in Seoul, the Norwegian expressed gratitude for South Korea sending non-lethal military aid to Ukraine, but urged the South Korean government to do more, citing the Ukrainian military’s “urgent need” for ammunition.

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“I call on the Republic of Korea to continue and escalate military assistance,” Mr. Stoltenberg said. “Ultimately, this is a decision for you to make, but I will say that several NATO allies who had a policy of never exporting arms to belligerent states have now changed their policy,” he added.

In his contacts with South Korean officials, the NATO Secretary General emphasized that all regions of the world are connected and that the alliance wants to contribute to countering global threats by expanding its partnerships in Asia.

Seoul has signed deals to sell hundreds of tanks, fighter jets and other weapons to Poland’s military since the conflict erupted in Ukraine, but South Korean President Yoon Sok-gil has often reiterated that his country’s law does not allow the transfer of arms and ammunition. in belligerent states and thus the supply of lethal military items is by definition impossible.

Mr Stoltenberg countered that countries such as Germany, Sweden and Norway had similar policies but changed them.

“If we don’t want authoritarianism and tyranny to win, (the Ukrainians) need weapons, that’s the reality,” he insisted.

The head of NATO called it “extremely important” to prevent Russia’s dominance in the war, not only for the sake of Ukraine but to not send the “wrong” message to “authoritarian” leaders, referring to China, that they can take what they want. they want by force.

Although China is not classified as an adversary of NATO, it has risen “much higher” on the alliance’s agenda, Jens Stoltenberg emphasized, referring to the increase in its military power and its behavior in the region.

Reacting to Mr Stoltenberg’s visit, North Korea spoke of a “prelude to conflict and war”, accusing the NATO secretary general of “bringing the dark clouds of the ‘new cold war’ to the Asia-Pacific region”.

Last year, Seoul placed a diplomatic mission at NATO headquarters, promising that bilateral cooperation would increase in various fields.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is also expected in Seoul later in the day.


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