Russian soldiers are “delighted” by a Ukrainian missile – Watch the video

Russian soldiers are “delighted” by a Ukrainian missile – Watch the video

A Ukrainian officer tweeted: “Whoever comes to our land with a sword will die by the same sword.”

Ukrainian officer revealed video, from the moment when a group of Russian soldiers “disappears” by Ukrainians firing rocket against them.

In the video, the Russian soldiers are seen moving unsuspectingly in an area full of mines.

After a while, deadly shots are seen being fired by Ukrainian soldiers, who they remain hidden.

According to comments on Twitter, a Ukrainian anti-tank guided missile is believed to have been launched, the “Stugna-P».

Commentators on Twitter were amazed at the accuracy of the hit. One of them commented: “Whoever fired those three shots is, without a doubt, the best operator on earth.”

After the group of Russians was hit by the killer weapon, two soldiers seem to they run towards them to save their comrades.

“I’m surprised they came back for their injured comrades. In most cases they just leave them covered in blood on the battlefield,” one user commented.

Shortly after picking up their wounded comrades, the Russian soldiers find themselves in the crosshairs again. They then start running panicked across the field fearing for their lives, before being shot a third and final time. At the end the video shows their lifeless bodies scattered in the field.

Some other users weren’t sure if the weapon used was the Stugna-P, with one writing: “I don’t know, I believe it’s a 100mm field gun with a HEAT projectile”, while others speculated that the weapon could be a Bayraktar , unmanned aerial vehicle manufactured in Turkey.

Ukraine reportedly has 20 from unmanned aerial vehicles, which are capable of firing missiles at targets from a distance of up to 80 miles.

The video comes just a few weeks after over 100 Russians soldiers were killed in a single attack by the Ukrainian army. Ukraine has revealed it used a Soviet-era Tochka-U missile to kill the Russian soldiers after first identifying them with the help of a drone.

Watch the shocking video:

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