Missing Animals Mystery at Dallas Zoo – Two Rare Monkeys Missing


“We believe the animals were intentionally removed” from the zoo, Dallas police said, without naming a suspect.

Mysterious disappearances continue at the Dallas Zoo. After the strange death of a vulture and the escape – briefly – of a clouded leopard, Texas police are now investigating the extinction of small apes and suspects that they were stolen.

The zoo reported Monday that two of those primates, two imperial lemurs, have disappeared. “It is clear that the enclosure was breached on purpose,” the officials wrote on Twitter.

“We believe the animals were removed on purpose” from the zoo, Dallas police said, without naming a suspect. These small monkeys with white whiskers, who live in the forests of South America. “they usually don’t move away from home.” Despite searches in the surrounding area, no trace of them has been found so far.

Those monkeys they are often the target of thieves. Many were stolen from a sanctuary in northern France in 2016, from another in southeastern France in 2011 and from Blackpool Zoo in Britain in 2014.

The Dallas Zoo last week lost a vulture, Pin, who was found dead with a “strange” wound, suggesting his death was not due to natural causes. On January 13 a rare panther burst it through a hole deliberately made in its enclosure. A short time later, employees discovered a similar hole in the cage of the proboscis monkey, a species of monkey in Asia.

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