Nuclear terror from North Korea: Parade of 12 intercontinental missiles in front of Kim Jong Un – Videos and photos

Nuclear terror from North Korea: Parade of 12 intercontinental missiles in front of Kim Jong Un – Videos and photos

Ballistic missiles and heavy weapon systems on display at Kim Il Sung Square to mark the 75th anniversary of North Korea’s military

The fear of a nuclear holocaust is growing around the world as more countries build up their arsenals while the war in Ukraine rages on. The new “nuclear front”, which seems to be opening up for good and causing major upheavals on the world map, is in North Korea.

As it turns out, Pyongyang’s continued ballistic missile tests in recent months have been anything but random. At Kim Il Sung Square in the capital Pyongyang on Wednesday, North Korea displayed at least 12 intercontinental ballistic missiles in a grand night parade held in front of Kim Jong Un and his family.

North Korea’s state channel described today’s 75th anniversary military parade as a demonstration of “nuclear strike capability”, sending a clear message to the West and especially the US, due to the joint military training exercises held with South Korea. .

Two months ago, Kim called for an “exponential increase” in his country’s nuclear arsenal in response to what he claims are threats from South Korea and the United States.

The missile that paraded in the North Korean capital’s main square was the Hwasong-17. According to experts, if each missile was equipped with multiple nuclear warheads, they could represent enough mass to hit US ballistic missile defenses.

In addition to the Hwasong-17, analysts said North Korea showed what could be a mock-up of a new solid-fueled ICBM that, if operational, would give Pyongyang a harder-to-detect nuclear missile.

Solid-fueled missiles are more stable than liquid-fueled ones like the Hwasong-17. This means that a solid-fueled ICBM could be moved more easily and launched faster than a liquid-fueled one. North Korea said in December it had successfully tested a solid-fuel rocket engine.

The demonstration in Kim Il Sung Square caused alarm in Washington, which is now monitoring the movements on the Korean peninsula more closely, without, however, so far an official reaction.

North Korea

North Korea

North Korea

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