Earthquake in Turkey: Rescue of 6-year-old girl and 70-year-old woman after 178 hours – Video


Rescuers are trying to reach two women and a baby

A six-year-old girl was pulled alive today from the rubble in Turkey’s Antijaman province, 178 hours after last Monday’s deadly earthquake.

A little earlier, a woman, Serap Domez, came out alive from the ruins of an apartment building that had collapsed in Antakia (Antioch), 176 hours after the earthquake. In the same city in Hatay province, a 70-year-old woman, Nurai Gurbouz, was rescued after spending 178 hours under the rubble.

In the meantime, rescuers in Kahramanmaras stated that they are in contact with an elderly woman, her daughter and the latter’s baby who are trapped in a room of a three-story building. Another person may be in the next room.

Rescue crews try to break through a wall to get to them, but a pillar delays them. Spanish rescuers, the Turkish army and police are working on the building, which has not completely collapsed.

“We don’t know if they are alive. We just detected heat with the thermal cameras, but they haven’t made any sound,” a Turkish soldier told Reuters.


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