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Moldova has reopened its airspace hours after closing it for security reasons, its aviation authority said.

Earlier in announcement in its Facebook post, Air Moldova urged passengers to “remain calm” and wait “for the resumption of flights”.

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The news of the temporary closure of the airspace comes at a time tensions between Moldova and Russia and a day after Moldovan President Maya Sandu accused Moscow of plotting to destabilize the former Soviet republic.

Sandu said on Monday that Russia planned to use foreign saboteurs to topple her country’s leadership, stop its EU membership and use it in its war against Ukraine.

The comments came after Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine had revealed a plan by Russian intelligence “to destroy Moldova”. Some days later the country’s government resigned.

In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry dismissed Maya Sandu’s claims as “completely baseless” and accused Kiev of trying to drag Moldova “into a bitter confrontation with Russia.”