“The image of the Foreign Ministers of Greece and Turkey seeing together the incredible destruction caused by the earthquake in Turkey was moving,” the State Department said, according to ERT.

The US Department of State he added that this image “reminded us all of the shared values ​​of humanity and I think that’s really what’s going on right now. That’s what allies are for, that’s what friends are for. When one of us has a problem, the rest of us go and do our best to help.”

A little earlier, the State Department, commenting on Greece’s attitude to the devastation caused by the earthquake, said “the United States welcomes Greece’s swift humanitarian support to neighboring Turkey, including humanitarian aid and the work of rescue teams. We also welcome the Greek government’s support to the leadership and people of Turkey in dealing with this tragedy which exemplifies humanity and the common need for solidarity.

The United States is committed to supporting the people of Turkey and Syria, and we encourage continued support from our close international partners and allies like Greece, and others who are in a position to help.”