His government Iran added 13 EU natural and legal persons, as well as 23 from France, the United Kingdom and Germany, to its sanctions list, in retaliation for the sanctions imposed the previous day by Brussels on the Islamic Republic.

Tehran included its “persons and entities EU and his United Kingdom on the sanctions list” accusing them of “supporting terrorism”, “interfering in the country’s internal affairs” and “inciting violence and unrest in Iran”, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a press release posted on its website.

The Iranian sanctions include economic measures and the ban on granting a passport visa to enter the country, he clarified.

Politicians and arms industries on the list

The list includes defense industry companies, ministers and parliamentarians of various EU member states, as well as MEPs; among them, for example, the Minister responsible for Equality between Men and Women Isabel Rohm, MEP of Belgium Frédéric Ries et al.

In France, sanctions are imposed on the defense industry Thales, the Minister of Industry Roland Leschire, the environmentalist candidate for the presidency Yannick Zadeau et al.

The day before yesterday, Monday, two Iranian ministers and 30 other persons were blacklisted by the EU due to the bloody repression of the mass mobilizations in Iran which were triggered by the death on September 16 of Makhsa Amini.

Iran on January 25 announced a series of sanctions against 25 individuals and entities in the EU and another 9 in the UK, also in retaliation for sanctions imposed by Brussels and London two days earlier.