London, Thanasis Gavos

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Re-post in favor of sending fighter jets from Britain to Ukraine the former prime minister took Boris Johnson.

Speaking on Sky News to mark the one-year anniversary on Friday of the start of the war, Mr Johnson said: “What the Ukrainians want are F-16s. We happen to not have F-16s, but we do have Typhoons. I think there is an argument for the UK breaking the ice and giving them some Typhoons. It’s a matter of training people to use these machines – we can do that.”

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Mr Johnson also reserved a warning to China should it supply arms to Russia.

“I think it would be a historic mistake by the Chinese. Why does China want to be tainted by being associated with Putin, who has been exposed as a gangster and adventurer? I think it would be a big, big mistake by China,” the former UK prime minister said.