Coronavirus – France: Nearly 29,000 anti-health protesters |

Coronavirus – France: Nearly 29,000 anti-health protesters |

A total of 28,920 people protested today in France against the health disease for the 17th consecutive weekend of mobilization, according to the Interior Ministry, more than 3,000 of them in Paris.

The ministry recorded 165 actions across the country, with 3,240 protesters in Paris where at least two processions had reported to police headquarters.

The mobilization, which began in mid-July, has been steadily declining since August 7, when it culminated in 237,000 protesters, according to authorities.

The interior ministry last Saturday saw a clear drop in turnout with 25,000 protesters, including 3,320 in Paris. Last week, more than 40,000 protesters, according to the ministry, and 73,130, according to the activist group Le Nombre jaune (The Yellow Number).

On Friday, parliament allowed the possible use of the health pass until July 31st, after the vote by the National Assembly in a tense atmosphere of the bill of “health vigilance”, with 118 votes against 89 against and one abstention.

As everywhere in Europe, there is a resurgence of the epidemic in France as winter begins. President Emanuel Macron is expected to address the issue on Tuesday night, no doubt following a health defense council.

The National Public Health Service announced on Friday 8,998 new cases and a positive rate of 2.4% in the last seven days.

One week ago, this percentage, which measures the proportion of cases among people taking the test, was just 1.9%.


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