London, Thanasis Gavos

Hundreds of schools are closed today in various parts of Britain and drivers in some parts of the country are being asked not to travel in their vehicles unless necessary, because of the snow and ice brought with it by a mass of cold air from the Arctic.

Snow warnings are in place for Scotland, Northern Ireland and southern England this morning, with London waking up to a light layer of snow.

The country’s coldest temperature so far for 2023 was also recorded overnight, with the mercury plunging to -15.2C in Kimbrace, Scotland. It is also the coldest March in the UK since 2010.

The snow is expected to become heavier from Thursday morning into Friday afternoon across the northern half of Britain.

There have also been problems with transport, with many arterial roads in Scotland covered in snow, while some train services in Kent and Sussex in southern England have been cancelled.

There were also morning delays on the above-ground section of London’s District line due to power problems caused by ice on the tracks.

Bristol Airport was temporarily closed due to heavy snowfall, affecting 20 flights.