The leader of the far-right National Alarm Marine Le Pen announced today that he will file a motion of impeachment against the government, after the approval, without a vote by the National Assembly, of the reform of the pension system.

“This is the fully confirmed failure” of the president Emmanuel MacronLe Pen said, considering that the situation that has developed constitutes a “political crisis”.

The National Alarm has 88 deputies in the National Assembly.

In the meantime, new mobilizations were announced by the general secretary of the CFDT trade union, Laurent Berger, denouncing the “democratic deficit”. “Obviously there will be new mobilizations, because the reaction is very big, we have huge reactions from the unions. We will all decide together,” he added, speaking to AFP.

Republicans: They do not support the impeachment motion

The Republicans, the party of France’s traditional right, will not support any motion of impeachment against the government submitted by the far-right or the far-left, party president Eric Ciotti announced.

This fact means that the government of President Emmanuel Macron will be able to continue with the pension reform.

After Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne announced that her government would invoke Article 49.3 of the Constitution to pass the reform without a vote in the National Assembly, the leaders of the Insubordinate Left and the far-right National Alarm said they would table a motion of impeachment against government.