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A Russian politician was fined about $2,000 today for “defaming the armed forces” after hanging spaghetti in his ears, mocking a speech by President Vladimir Putin, a rights watchdog said.

Communist lawmaker Mikhail Abdalkin, from Samara province about 1,000 kilometers southeast of Moscow, posted a video on YouTube after Putin’s State of the Nation address on February 21, just before the first anniversary of his invasion of Ukraine.

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In the video Abdelkin is sitting at his desk, nodding in front of his computer screen watching and listening to Putin… with spaghetti hanging from his ears.

In Russian there is the expression “I hang spaghetti in my ears”, which has the meaning: “I hear noises”.

According to human rights watchdog OVD-Info, Abdelkin said his move was an ironic expression of his displeasure with “the president’s silence on domestic political problems.” He was fined 150,000 rubles ($1,950).

Russia’s parliament this month tightened legislation passed shortly after the invasion that now provides for fines or prison terms of up to 15 years for defaming or spreading false news about the armed forces or others, such as the Wagner mercenary group, involved in the war in Ukraine.