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Seven police officers and three hospital workers are facing criminal charges of manslaughter after the death of a black inmate in a psychiatric clinic in the US state of Virginia on March 6, the prosecutor investigating the case announced Thursday.

Irvo Otiano, 28, died while being admitted to Central State Hospital in Petersburg, a three-hour drive south of Washington, where he was transferred from prison because of his psychological condition.

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Based on initial autopsy findings, she died of asphyxiation while under “physical restraint,” Dinwiddie County District Attorney Ann Campbell Baskerville explained in a news release.

The prosecutor is in possession of the video of the tragic incident, which she does not want to make public for now, but she showed it to the young man’s family yesterday Thursday.

“Even though my son was going through a mental health crisis, what I saw breaks your heart,” his mother, Carolyn Uko, commented during a press conference.

She said that the video shows “seven police officers on top of one person”, and this “continues” for an hour, without anyone intervening. “They drowned my baby,” “they treated him like a dog, worse than a dog,” she added.

According to the lawyer representing the family, Ben Crump, the young man had handcuffs and leg chains put on him. The police kept him pinned down for twelve minutes.

The seven Henrico County Sheriff’s Office officers, ages 30 to 57, were taken into custody and charged with involuntary manslaughter Tuesday.

Three hospital workers, aged between 23 and 34, were arrested and charged in the same case yesterday.

The case of Irvo Otiano is reminiscent of the 2020 killing of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis. The video of his martyrdom, which went around the world, sparked massive protests against racism and police brutality and incidents across the US.