Twitter CEO Clash, Elon Musk, with the head of the World Health Organization took place on Thursday. “Battlefield” of course, Twitter.

Musk said countries should not “give power” to the World Health Organization in comments the UN health chief immediately dismissed. “Countries should not cede power to the WHO,” wrote Musk, whose Twitter account has more than 132 million followers, commenting on a video by right-wing Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts criticizing the Agency.

“Countries do not cede sovereignty to WHO,” the director-general tweeted Tedros Andanom Gebregesus. “The #PandemicAccord will not change that. The agreement will help countries better protect themselves from pandemics,” he added.

Since COVID-19 first emerged more than three years ago, the World Health Organization has been speaking out for a “pandemic” of misinformation, which largely comes from Twitter.

The UN agency has at times been a direct target of such attacks, with some commentators accusing it of seeking to wrest health policy from governments, especially since international negotiations began among member states on a new treaty to avoid and dealing with future pandemic cases (Pandemic Accord). The WHO is made up of 194 member states which make important decisions about their health policies and budgets through an annual assembly in which governments participate.