A man in China who chained his wife by the neck has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

Images of the woman, suffering from severe psychological problems, chained to a farm in Jiangsu Province had provoked strong reactions in China when they went public online in January 2022. The couple has eight children.

The man in question was arrested immediately after the incident along with several others, accused of human trafficking.

Three other people who are on trial for the same case they were condemned to sentences of eight to eleven years in prison.

According to the authorities, the woman had been abducted from her village in Yunnan province, about 2,000 kilometers from where she was found. It was subsequently sold several times, including once in 1998 for 5,000 yuan (about €665).

The authorities had initially denied that this case was related to the human traffickinga phenomenon quite common in the Chinese countryside, where there are not many women of marriageable age.

The one child policy, which was in place in China for almost 40 years until 2016, resulted in more boys being born, as couples preferred them, and consequently not enough women.

This imbalance led to large numbers of abductions of young women, who were forced into marriage in villages where men greatly outnumbered women.